How To Increase Fertility To Have A Baby

Increase Fertility to Have A Baby


If you are a man or a woman trying to have a baby, you should really pay attention to the functionality of your body. The way you treat your body and the way it responds can determine how healthy your are. Having a healthy body is essential in understanding how to increase fertility if you are lacking. Being fertile is dependent upon many different factors. The most important factors are the functionality of your endocrine system, your age, your sexual behavior, physical and emotional well-being and your nutrition.

If you are trying to learn how to increase fertility, you might have been struggling with getting pregnant or your doctor may have alluded this problem to you. The first factor that affects fertility will be your age. The older you are, the harder it is to become pregnant. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, as you age your fertility begins to decline.

Men are capable of producing sperm all throughout their life time but there are moments where sperm quality decreases. Like women, men can lose sperm quality as they age. Women produce a set quantity of eggs when they are fetus. A single egg is released when a women has her menstrual cycle. The quality of her eggs overtime declines due to the natural aging process.

Between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six is when a woman’s fertility has reached her peak. As a woman reaches the age of thirty-five and beyond, she will find that her fertility will decline significantly. This is the main reason why doctors advise women that wish to get pregnant to do so early in their lives.

A person’s physical well-being can also affect a person’s ability to have a baby. Being overweight or underweight can affect both men and women equally. Having a healthy diet and staying in a healthy weight range can help you have a baby. It is known that being overweight can cause slight damage to both the sperm and egg. The same is true if a person is severely underweight. Any eating disorders present can also negatively impact the function of a person’s endocrine system. In order to reverse the damage a person must engage in a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a healthy diet and engaging in light or moderate exercise regularly.

  • Avoiding excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption can also help increase fertility.

Even avoiding harmful drugs such as cigarettes is extremely important to the vitality of a person’s body. Cigarette smokers are more likely to suffer from infertility. Moderate to excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption has also been found to drastically increase the chances of infertility.

For a woman to increase her chances of getting pregnant, she is advised to stop taking any form of contraception. She must also engage in contraceptive-free sexual intercourse during her most fertile period of her menstrual cycle. This period is usually a few days before ovulation begins. Men should also engage in sexual intercourse regularly. Not having intercourse will allow a man’s sperm count to increase but the motility will decrease. Sperm count is very important but if the sperm is not strong and vital, it will not have the strength it needs to fertilize a woman’s egg. Women can also benefit from consistent sexual intercourse as well. It will be able to help normalize her menstrual cycle.

  • Lubrication is an alternative method that people can turn to increase fertility.

It is important that the lubricant used contains absolutely no spermicide. People must avoid the use of soap and commercially water-based lubricants. The ingredients in soap and water-based lubricants are strong enough to reduce sperm motility incredibly. It is also important to stay away from pesticide exposure. Some industrial toxins that people are exposed to can also cause infertility in both men and women.

Your emotional health is also important to your fertility, especially as a women. The chances to conceive decreases during periods of intense stress. The same is true for men. Men will struggle to produce sperm with great motility if too much emotional stress in not dealt with. Even if you are not emotionally stress, engaging in excessive stressful exercise can throw your hormone production off balance to reduce fertility. Both men and women should engage in relaxation exercise to reduce stress and regulate their hormone production.

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  • As a woman, another hamper to fertility is douching.

Douching may be necessary to some women but the truth is that douching can distract the bacterial balance in your vagina. The balance that is disrupted can make you become at risk for vaginal infections. If infections do occur and are left untreated, it can leave you completely infertile.

If you have been doing everything right but still struggle to get pregnant after twelve months of contraceptive-free sexual intercourse, you may want to try many of the fertility kits available and also see your doctor. Often times these kits can help achieve better fertility before seeing a medical specialist. Some kits come equipped with a latex-free cervical cap that concentrates ejaculation into a woman’s cervix. These procedure mimics insemination and has been very successful for many people.

If after you have used every method possible and still do not know how to increase fertility, you may need to see a specialist. It is possible that you may need to engage in invitro fertilization, insemination and/or surrogacy in order to have a baby. You will be given multiple options by your doctor. He/she will make you understand your current situation and the best available options for you and your significant other. You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision based on your doctor’s recommendations. At this point, there will possibly be no chance of enhancing your body’s readiness to bear children naturally. If you are a woman, a doctor may look at your ability to carry a fetus. Some women’s bodies are not capable of carrying a baby to full term which often results in miscarriages. No matter what decision you make, it is in your best interest to always be proactive.